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Analysis of Purcell Riles➻The strongest form of Purcell Rills

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This article will talk about the analysis of Purcell Rills and the corresponding strongest form of Purcell Rills Knowledge points, I hope it will be helpful to you, don't forget to bookmark this site. List of contents of this article: 1. The best move of Purcell Riles 2. Is Purcell Riles worth practicing? Why? Is he good? 3. How to play Riles with simple tactics 4. Purcell Riles 5. What is the best personality of Purcell Rills? Is it okay to be cheerful?? 6. How to play Rills in full body? Purcell Rills is the best match move Rashomon commented Purcell Rills Analysis of Sierra: The damage of Riels analysis for three rounds is halved and the exception avoidance for five rounds can be said to be a magic skill. Adding the analysis of Riels of Purcell shows the consumption ability of Riels in battle, and the latter special effect It is similar to the landlord's big move. During the battle, it can accelerate the consumption of the opponent's PP, so that Purcell Riels can analyze our side to win the initiative. If there is a 5th skill for the eclipse of the sun + Rashomon + Guiyuan Chong + Storm Strike, replace Storm Storm Strike with Super Stone Power-S, and the 5th skill can be displayed on the latest battle interface. Earthquake Shock is used to fight weak elves and can be replaced with skill stones. Breaking Yuan Flash is the first move of preemption 1, and it is recommended to bring it. With the addition of the destruction of the fighting spirit, Ryles can single out the boss Pony. The effect played in the battle of the Elf King is also quite large. Dingjing Zhishui is suitable for the attack speed Riels. And ready to go fits the anti-size Reels. Dungeon: Fenglin Volcano, Unstoppable, Ready to Go, Attack Skill Stone Equipment: Suggest 1 point S (very popular against flying!) Suggest 2 Shadow S (specially for superpowers! Suggest 3 Holy Spirit S (universal not Explain!) Excellent character: The best character of Purcell Riles is stubbornness. Is Purcell Riles worth training? Why? Is he good? Strengthening can increase attack 2 and speed 1. 2. It is recommended that you practice Cain first, which will help you to fight Ello and Brinker. Secondly, although the deadly flame of the magic flame gorilla has an instant kill effect on some bosses, but The probability is too low, but if you are super NO, you can make up for it. If Riels has a good personality, the speed can reach 331. After all, speed is king. 3. Riels has high race value and good skills. Poor players can practice and play Play. My Ryles threw the warehouse away. I have practiced the best Gaia before, and Ryles can’t use it anymore. 4. Ryles is powerful! Whether he fights against Jessica or Gaia, he is very good. His defense is very good. Fang Duqiang. How to play Ryles Simple play method 1. If you want to play Phasail as a commoner, you can use the Golden Pegasus to kill the opponent's big move first, then use Lisa Bubu to restore blood, and then fight after strengthening. The one in the middle can only be singled out, you can use Graeme Second, or you can use the instant kill characteristic of the Saint Oscar analyzed by Sale No. Ryles. If you don’t have these two, you can use Tracy Instant Kill, depending on your luck. 2. Click on the SPT in the upper right corner, select the Karan galaxy, and you can see Ryles in it. Click to enter the interface of Ryrs, and click to go now. 3. How to play 1 The analysis of Ryrs: Gaia instantly kills .Use the skill stone to break the sky. Method 2: Flash Afia kills instantly. Use the skill Super Stone Power-S. Method 3: Strengthen the attack (special attack) luck spike flow. Use the spirit Toruk, first use two rounds of hard Physique, strengthening attack, luckily, Ryles is also strengthening. 4. Ryles has the following styles of play, magic flame orangutan's fatal flame instant kill, or Axia and Akenoya's extreme freezing instant kill. Flying super elves have a fatal blow with an instant kill. Flying or super spirits, with an attack or special attack of around 370, and after adding engravings or energy beads at around 400, the ultimate strikes a fatal blow. 5. How to play: Tactic 1: Gaia instant kill. Use the skill Stone Breaker. Tactic 2: Flash Afia Instant Kill. Use the skill Super Stone Power-S. Defeat Riles for the first time, you can get Riels’ essence .6. The ultimate move is a deadly instant kill. The instant kill characteristic kills Ryles in an instant. Gaia single-player method, with moves: both sun and moon damage, indestructible fighting spirit, returning to nature, group shadows dancing. Sun and moon damage slowly, with Blue Flame, Purcell Ryles analysis. When he hits you, he will use group shadow dance to replenish blood and kill you slowly. The second style of play is recommended, and the sixth style of play is not recommended. Hope to adopt it. Purcell No. Riles Upgrade level: Gain experience points by completing tasks, fighting monsters, dungeons and other activities, and upgrade the level of Valkyrie Riels to improve its basic attributes and skill levels. Riels is the son of Taomi. As soon as God of War comes out, The skills are too strong, obviously surpassing other elves. Everyone said that Riels in the Purcell is Taomi's own son, so he was called Rui's son later. The way to obtain Riels of the Purcell Jihad is as follows: enter the Purcell, come to the laboratory, and click Riles. To enter the challenge interface and challenge the Proof of Courage, you need 50 Proof of Courage. To challenge the Proof of Strength, you need 50 Proof of Strength. To challenge the Proof of Faith, you need 50 Proof of Faith. Riles is an SPT elf. Click the SPT icon in the upper right corner, select the Karan galaxy, and you can see Ryles in it. Click to enter the interface of Ryles, click to go now. Essence can be obtained by defeating Ryles. What is Purcell’s ultimate personality? Is it okay to be cheerful? Rills’ Analysis of Purcell’s: Learning ability brushes up Faser’s analysis: Riels’ best personality is cheerful and stubborn Purcell No. Riels analyzed that each of the two personalities has its own advantages. Anyway, I support "stubbornness" a little more. Riels, who has a cheerful personality, has a relatively simple method of brushing learning ability, just brushing full attack and speed directly. To fight the four gods and beasts, you need to use elves with instant killing characteristics. Magic Flame, King Ruth, Lisa, Riles, Flash Yiyi, Xinqi Parker, Rodris, Rey, Scarka, and Jimilia can play guardians. With Hamlet, the main focus is on double-defense learning ability, and it is best to be stubborn. Both can be obtained at the same time. Recommended cheerful personality, brush speed 255, attack 25 limit value: attack limit 369, speed limit 36 Riels: race value is not as high as Rey, but they are all allocated well. If you meet Pony, you can defeat it with two first moves. If you meet the same kind, you can rebound and kill it~~Recommended stubborn character: attack 255, stamina 255. Rudinos, the ultimate character is stubborn, take a step back and consider being naughty (+defense-special attack) or cautious (+special defense-special attack). What does Purcell Rudinos use to learn the analysis of Licell Rudinos? Rudinos with a stubborn personality, the mainstream learning plan is to increase attack stamina, and the alternative plan is to attack and defend. How to fight Riels in full body? There are three levels in the real body of God of War Riels, the left and right are relatively simple, you can self-destruct, the first level of ten thousand enemies rebound, and make up the knife first. The middle ones have a certain degree of difficulty, you can consider using Graeme or Gromt for instant kills, or you can use Forty-Nine Saints to fight, Tracy can also be used for instant kills, and King Hamo's strong attack can also be used. Players need to bring gold fire (you can't borrow it in crowded places), damage reduction energy beads, and overall improvement medicine throughout the process. If you have the title of home guard, you can bring it. Ryles' real body style of play: Over Ryles' real body is a single-elf battle, so the protagonist Pluto will appear on the stage directly. Question 1: How to fight Purcell Riels (the easiest way to play) Install a deadly energy bead on Gaia and use it all the time to tap or Gaia 5 times indestructible fighting spirit 5 times to return to basics and then both the sun and the moon are injured and Shi Gongtian is shocked. This is the end of the introduction to the analysis of Purcell Riles and the strongest form of Purcell Riles. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Analysis of Purcell Riles➻The strongest form of Purcell Rills