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Hugou biscuits, what are the specialties of Bengbu? , Introduction of Hugou Biscuits

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the problem of Hugou Biscuits, so the editor has compiled a related answer to introduce Hugou Biscuits, so that Let's see it together. What are the specialties and delicious food in Bengbu? What are the specialties and delicious food in Bengbu? Hugou Biscuits Hugou Biscuits, also known as horseshoe crisps, are Bengbu's special biscuits, which can be said to be the king of biscuits, because they have been included in the national intangible cultural heritage. It is not the kind of round biscuits in other provinces and cities. The biscuits in Hugou are mainly elliptical and pay attention to the heat. The most authentic Bengbu biscuits are baked in an earthen oven, which is particular about sticking to the wall and "burning". The middle of the biscuits is required to be slightly convex Out, sesame seeds are the best partner of Hugou biscuits! Hugou biscuits are well-known in Hugou, Guzhen. They have a long history and unique taste. They are charred on the outside and tender on the inside. On the gums, the dense cake crust gradually softens, wrapping the tongue like silk, and the more you chew, the more fragrant it becomes, releasing the soul of countless sesame seeds. It is a delicacy on the tip of the tongue and is very popular among people. Hugou Camellia Hugou Hugou Camellia is more flavorful when paired with Hugou's unique biscuits. Of course, Camellia oleifera is not tea, there is no tea. It is another famous snack in Hugou. It is a kind of soup made from gluten, thousand sheets, peanuts, black sesame seeds, and various other ingredients. Snowball snacks Snowball snacks, as the intangible cultural heritage of Bengbu City, are special snacks that Bengbu must taste. Among them, there are many flavors of four-color glutinous rice balls, such as hawthorn, bean paste, black sesame, etc., and the Q-ball snowballs cooked with fermented sweet-scented osmanthus, with rich and delicate soup mixed with a little sweet-scented osmanthus flavor, smooth and fragrant but not greasy , the most unique thing is Yuanxiao soup, sweet and sour, every bite is a kind of enjoyment on the taste buds. Bengbu Pansi Cake Bengbu Pansi Cake is one of the special snacks in Bengbu City. Pansi cake was first created among the people in the late Qing Dynasty, and it is a characteristic traditional food of Bengbu. The made noodle silk is golden and translucent, and the silk is transparent, which is very popular among the public. Jinxiangsi vermicelli Jinxiangsi vermicelli, also known as Donghu vermicelli, is a special snack in Guzhen County, Bengbu City, Anhui Province. Its appearance is golden yellow, and it is fragrant and smooth in the mouth. Jinxiangsi vermicelli is made of sweet potato starch, which has been kneaded and kneaded thousands of times. The vermicelli is cooked for a long time without being sticky or greasy. Jinxiangsi vermicelli can be used for cold dressing, stir-frying, stewing or hot pot; it is a very good home-cooked delicacy. Bengbu fern root powder Fern root powder is a special product of Bengbu. It is processed into fern root powder by traditional methods and is easy to store. It is easy to make. You only need to soak the vermicelli in hot water until soft, and then use millet pepper, green onion, ginger, garlic, Chop it up, then season with salt and vinegar soy sauce, and finally add coriander and stir, and a delicious dish is ready. The fern root powder is chewy, especially with rice. Auspicious cakes Speaking of the most famous snacks in Bengbu, auspicious cakes are one of them. Auspicious cakes were a tribute in the past, and they also have the reputation of "the best cake in the world". Auspicious cakes can be eaten in many ways. They can be fried or fried, and they can also be served with soup. It is a good choice to eat any way. At this point, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about Hugou biscuits. I hope that the 1-point answer about Hugou biscuits will be useful to everyone.

Hugou biscuits, what are the specialties of Bengbu? , Introduction of Hugou Biscuits