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Internet chat skills Internet chat skills opening remarks? Online Chat Skills Strangers

source:xsntime:2023-12-03 03:27:16

Hi everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about online chat skills, so the editor has compiled a related answer to introduce online chat skills, so that Let's see it together. Internet chat skills opener? Internet chat skills opener? 1. The expression opens. Usually it's a smiling face, or a snicker, or a haha. The opening of the expression is partial screening, that is to say, your expression does not provide any value to the girl. If she replies to you, it means that she is interested in your display and has passed the first layer of screening. A positive girl receives dozens or hundreds of greetings a day, and being able to return you with a smile is enough to explain a lot of problems. The emoji opening can be said to be the most efficient opening. On a large-scale software like Momo, this opening will save you a lot of time and directly screen out girls who are interested in you. But the disadvantage of the emoji opening is that you will miss some girls who have a window for you, because Zhengmei receives too many messages, and when you see a worthless emoji opening, you may not click on your display page, just ignore it . So when you meet a girl you like very much and doesn't reply to you, you can try to open the emoji again the next day, and sometimes you will receive a reply from the other party. The expression opening is currently the most mainstream opening method, and the recommendation index is four stars. 2. Start with curiosity. For example: "I discovered a secret of yours" "It turned out to be you?" Be curious, especially women. But in this opening, it is impossible to judge whether the girl replied because she was curious about your sentence or interested in you. If it's the former, girls will often ignore you when they find out that you're just playing tricks. Therefore, the efficiency of this opening statement is relatively low, and you need to have a strong ability to follow up with lies. If a girl is interested in your presentation, she may give you a chance to continue chatting. Otherwise, no matter how good you are, you will pass directly. The opening of Curiosity seems to be a shortcut, but the overall effect is mediocre. Recommended index three stars. 3. Clue opening. Start by looking for clues based on the photos or text on the girl's display face. For example: "Your Cartier necklace is very beautiful." "You also like to play tennis?" "Your hair reminds me of a white-haired witch." "Does anyone say you look like Wang Luodan?" The advantage of the clue opening is that it can better continue the topic. Girls can answer the conversation according to the topic you provide, which is convenient for creating a harmonious chat atmosphere in the early stage. At the same time, the opening of the clue can implant your value at the very beginning, such as the example of the Cartier necklace above, which can reflect your understanding of luxury goods, show your taste and knowledge, and girls will have a better first impression of you. A good lead opening can create attraction at the beginning and make your later chat flow smoothly. Another advantage of the clue opening is that it can capture the attention of girls very well. This is very similar to the curiosity opening, which is not available in the expression opening, because sometimes girls receive too many greetings and may not click on them one by one. Looking at the display surface, some opportunities will be missed at the beginning of the expression. If you are careful, flexible and rich in thinking, then the opening of clues will become a powerful killer that distinguishes you from others. The recommendation index is five stars. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about online chat skills. I hope that the one-point answer about online chat skills will be useful to everyone.

Internet chat skills Internet chat skills opening remarks? Online Chat Skills Strangers