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Foreign name➬English name sounds good

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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of foreign names, and I will also explain the English name. If it happens to solve the problem you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention to this site, start now Bar! List of contents of this article: 1. What are the names in English? 2. A complete collection of English names 3. What are the good English names (10 or more) What are the English names? 1. What are the English names as follows: 【patton】Most people in Patton "General Patton" will have a deep impression of its foreign name. It is an outstanding military leader adapted from a true story of a real person. 2. Names include: Nicole, Betty, Sam, Kitty, Teresa, Lydia, Anita, Madison, Kaylee, Natalie and other names. 3. "Luke" is a relatively simple English name, consisting of only four English letters, and the pronunciation is relatively simple. It is pronounced as [luk]. According to this pronunciation, we can also transliterate the foreign name as Luke or Luke. Encyclopedia of English Names 1. The meaning of Iris Alice: use the meaning in Latin "Rainbow Goddess, Iris." Come up with the best English name, implying beauty, uniqueness, personality and other meanings. Kay Kay meaning: a simple English name, composed of 3 letters to form an English name with a length of 3. Pronunciation is simple and easy to read. 2. The full list of pleasant English names is as follows: alexia/阿利克西亚——meaning: help. alice/Alice - meaning: noble, sincere. anna/Anna-meaning: elegance. antonia/Antonier——meaning: a person who is praiseworthy and respected. 3. Alva, Alva Latin, fair-skinned. Amanda, Amanda Latin, worthy of love. Amelia, Amelia, Latin, diligent, labor. Amy, Amy, France, the most beloved person, lovely. Good-sounding English names (10 or more) 1. A good-sounding and uncommon English name. Female (chris) Chris——a relatively masculine English word, which is relatively rare among girls' English names. . Because girls choose "chris" as their own name, which is not a good way to show the feminine and feminine temperament characteristics of women. Therefore, few girls use it. 2. Gussie - Gexi, is a fresh English name, as a female English name, it means that he is a person who is admired. Elena - Elena, meaning oath, token, suitable for girls. Ruth - Ruth, meaning beauty or friend. 3. Flora: Flora, representing the goddess of flowers, is an English name suitable for girls. Diana - Diana, is a relatively common name. 4. The name Brynn (Bryan) evolved from the Welsh male name "Bryn", originally derived from Welsh, meaning "hill". Ellie is a girl's English name, originally derived from ancient Greek and Old English. 5. Addison: Addison/Addison, meaning son of Adam, is a neutral English name. Judy: Judy, from Hebrew, means praise. Julia: Julia, from Latin, means soft hair, young. This is the end of the good-sounding introduction to foreign names and English names. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Foreign name➬English name sounds good