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English games➻Easy classroom interaction of English games

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This article will talk about English games and the knowledge points corresponding to the simple interaction of English games in class. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark This site. List of contents of this article: 1. What are the learning games for children? 2. What are the English corner activities? 3. English games suitable for kindergartens 4. What are the English name games for children? It is a Q-version casual cartoon puzzle mobile game. There are so many English mini-game levels and other English mini-games for you to challenge. You can’t miss the game rich in English mini-games. If you want to pass the level with full marks, it will test the player’s mind. Very suitable for children's players to play. "Children's Graffiti Coloring Drawing Board" This is a small game that allows children to learn to draw. There are many line drawings in it, all of which can be colored. "Children's Puzzle Cutting Fruits" is a children's version of the fruit cutting game, which can exercise children's reaction ability while cutting fruits. Parents can accompany their children to play interactive games such as puzzles, word guessing games, and more. In the game, parents can use simple language to communicate with their children and help them improve their language listening and expression skills. In addition, parents can also use nursery rhymes, stories, etc. to help children learn language, and gradually improve their language ability. Magical Plush Game World Chinese Version Kids can explore the world on their own, personalize it, decide what will happen, design and build their own play objects. Monster Academy is an educational and learning game for kids. With a large number of levels and a variety of monster characters, the game is easy and fun, easy to play. What are the contents of the English corner activities? 1. Content: site layout preparation (Xiong Hui, Zhang Zhi, Xiong Yan, Yu Hongli, etc.); the team leader Zhang Xiqiu presided over the corner opening ceremony and read the relevant regulations and requirements of the English corner; the team leader Zhang Xiqiu announced the English corner. Corner opening; Teacher Yu Hongli and Teacher Xiong Yan presided over the first English corner activity. 2. Establishment of "English Corner" Activities: The establishment of the "English Corner" is mainly aimed at exercising English oral expression skills and providing students with a good English communication environment. Grammar knowledge, reading ability, and problem-solving skills are specially explained. 3. Establishment of "English Corner" Activities: The establishment of the "English Corner" is mainly aimed at exercising oral English skills and providing a good environment for students to communicate in English. Grammar knowledge, reading ability, and problem-solving skills are specially explained. 4. Through the English corner activities, students can apply their usual English learning to life and entertainment. At the same time, I also learned more knowledge in the activities and felt the joy of learning. Suitable for kindergarten English games 1. "London Bridge" - the children pull up their clothes one by one, drill under the bridge built by the two children, and sing the song of London Bridge while drilling. For the questions taught, the children who are stopped will answer them in English before letting them go. 2. Peek-a-boo gameplay: The teacher speaks a series of words arbitrarily, and deliberately omits a word when speaking for the second time, and asks the children to speak the missing word quickly. Note: 1-3 words can be omitted to increase the difficulty of the game. 3. To this end, I have compiled 15 warm-up games for children's English before class for your reference. 4. Introduction of where is the card: Ask a child to cover his eyes, and then hide a card on the other child. When the blindfolded child opens his eyes, let him look for the card. At this time, let the children in the class clap their hands and say words to give them reminders. English name game 1. The English name of the game is recommended as follows: Beloved, struggle, Morishima, stage, Murder, farewell. Garbage, assmpsit, successescaping, liquorburningthroat, Tears. Selfishness, Monody, Deepsea, Ambiguous, autism. 2. KRISTAO. The English name of the game, 2Gil, means the angel of a happy English game. Giancarlo (Jiancarlo) means kindness. Brendon (Brendon) means prince, handsome. Vivian (Vivian) means energetic. 3. It’s good to hear that the popular English game titles include pome, thebone, and invader. 4. The game id with nice English name has English mini-games: Zeru, Arethusa, Halette, Gram, Trai. This is the end of the brief introduction about English games and classroom interaction of English games. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

English games➻Easy classroom interaction of English games