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Lightning 3 ➻ Flash 3

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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of Lightning 3, which will also explain Flash 3. If it happens to solve the problem you are facing now, don’t Forgot to follow this site, start now! List of catalogs in this article: 1. How to change bullets in Flash 3. 2. How to collect yo-yos. 3. Cheats in Flash 3. 4. The names of yo-yo moves. Just name them! How to change bullets in Flash 3 1. Operation Method: WSAD controls the movement of characters, the mouse controls the attack direction, the left mouse button is for attack, 1234 is for switching weapons, R is for reloading clips, G is for discarding guns, E is for opening or closing the map, and the blank space is for dialogue switching and getting on and off the car. In the designated area, press B to buy weapons. Press Q to save the game. 2. Y key: switch between different types of bullets and different types of grenades. V key: switch to grenade mode. G key: Discard the firearm in the current hand. 0 or 9 key: switch the shooting mode (if any), such as switching from burst mode to burst mode. 3. Enter the game, press and hold the space bar, and the cross will appear, press WSAD (corresponding to up, down, left, and right) to select a weapon. If you don't understand what I said, I suggest you read the name of the game, or go to the Internet to watch other people playing Flash Kombat 3. 4. Press and hold the space, and then 5 grids appear, see where the gun is, then use the arrow keys to select, and release the space. The gun is in hand. 5. Switch weapons in the Flash Fight 3 mini-game: Press and hold the space during the battle, a weapon selection box will appear, and then choose by yourself (left and right), and release the space. How to close the yo-yo How to use the yo-yo First do a sleep lightning strike 3, as shown in the picture. The right hand pulls Lightning 3 up according to inertia, and puts the yo-yo on the rope. Let the rope rub against the yo-yo in the opposite direction, then retract, and the yo-yo will return to your hand. The way to collect the ball is wrong. To collect the ball, use super recovery (movement) Lightning Quick Strike 3: After putting on the rope, rub your hands up and down, and you can retract it. Use your wrist to throw the yo-yo down. After throwing the yo-yo, keep your hands horizontal, palms down. The yo-yo keeps spinning on the end of the string. Gently pull up with the palm of your hand, and the yo-yo will automatically turn around. In the first level, the powerful whirlwind raises its arms and throws the yo-yo down with wrist force. Note: The palms are facing up. After throwing the yo-yo, keep your hands level with your palms down. The yo-yo keeps turning at the end of the rope. The second level, walking the dog, first use all your strength to sleep, and slowly bring Yoyo close to the ground. Yoyo will move forward. Enter the game, go to the interface of selecting the mission Lightning 3, right-click 3 times to fast-forward, and a clearance prompt will appear, after which your money amount will become NaN, and finally go to the store to buy what you like What. When you want to start the battle, don't enter the battle first. After entering the store, click to buy bombs (the third). Unlimited money as long as you enter the store first when you enter the game, click BOMBS (andy hadn’t participated in the battle at that time, $0), and then click 3 times to fast forward. It's on hand. . Money immediately becomes NaN (unlimited). This is how to get unlimited money. The name of the yo-yo moves, just need the name! The yo-yo moves include sleep, walk the dog, crawler, throw a brick to attract jade, escape, cradle, satellite recovery, lift, surround the world, somersault 3 and so on. Powerful whirlwind Long Sleeper raises his arm and throws the yo-yo down with his wrist. Strong whirlwind Long Sleeper. Raise your arm and throw the yo-yo down with your wrist. NOTE: Palms up. After throwing the yo-yo, keep your hands level with your palms down. The yo-yo keeps turning at the end of the rope. If you want to spin longer, you can make a 45-degree downward throw! Gently pull the palm upwards, and the yo-yo will automatically rotate. [1] Long Sleeper (rotation technique): Raise the arm, and throw Yoyo downward with the force of the wrist. After throwing yoyo, keep your hands horizontal, palms down. Yoyo kept spinning at the end of the rope. Intelligent Whirlwind Brain Twister Exercising the strong whirlwind move, push the yoyo rope up with the index finger of the left hand while putting the right hand down. Move the lowered right hand forward, so that the yoyo rope passes through the yoyo groove. Along the yo-yo groove, raise your right hand forward like a circle. This is the end of the introduction about Lightning Kombat 3 and Flash Kombat 3, did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Lightning 3 ➻ Flash 3